Fuse cable joint BZO 03

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Fuse cable joint BZO 03




It is applied to connect street lighting that is overhead insulated lines powered.В AsXS


Unscrew before assembly does not cause fall to pieces.
Tightening bolt is not live.
Regularity of electric al connection achieved by shearing bolt.
Suitable for live working by insulating a tightening bolt from conductive materials.
Body made of polyamide Glass fiber reinforced. Casing made of polypropylene.

Technical data:

Rated voltage U= 500V
Aerial conductor cross-section 16-35 mm2
Branch conductor cross-section 2,5-4mm2
Tightening torque 10 NM ( bolt head : 13)
Max. fuse current : 16 A
weight = 240 g

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